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Runway Audition Tips

Let’s talk about RUNWAY; more specifically runway auditions. They are hard to predict! Every designer’s line has a different mood and vibe. What walk do you bring? How do you dress? What should you do to prepare?! It can feel overwhelming. But just know this. There are no absolutes in this industry. One person is going to think you are too tall. One will say you’re too short. One will think you're too thin. One will think you're too thick. Walk too slow, walk too fast. You are never going to please everyone. Just accept it and do your very best. Then, like you should do with any audition, walk away and start looking for the next one. Your job in this industry is to AUDITION, AUDITION AUDITION. 

Here are some basic tips for you. 

MAKE UP: Keep your make up simple. Fashion make up is all about clean great skin. Use some bb cream, a couple of coats of mascara and a pop of color on the lips and that’s it. If you have a break out  don’t pile thick make up all over your face. Master the art of concealing. Use a small tightly packed bristled make up brush to pat on a little powder just over the break out and BLEND. 

HAIR: Be sure your hair is clean and fresh. Wear it pulled away from your face. A tight pony is the norm. But if you have a great head of hair and believe it's your glory, wear it down and be sure it “catches the air” when you walk. DRAMA

CLOTHES: You have to remember as a model you are really just a beautiful hanger for the designer. This isn’t the time to show off your personal style. They need to see your form and how it moves and be able to envision their designs on you. Depending on what market you are in your model uniform is either a fitted white tank or tee , skinny jeans, and nude pumps or head to toe black fitted top, black skinny jeans , black shoe.

SHOES: No one is actually impressed by how high your heel is. What is impressive is a smooth and graceful walk. For some reason models think they have to wear crazy high heels. STOP THE MADNESS! Buy a PUMP that is a little lower than your instagram instincts are telling you. Your walk will be so much better. I promise. Also, I would advise to skip the cute strappy heels or wedges and go for a basic nude pointed toe heel.  Nude  matching your skin tone and pointed toe will make your legs look longer. The style of the pump will support your ankle and give you a stronger stride. 

MISC: Steer away from distracting jewelry, especially bangles or “clanky sounding” jewelry.  Avoid perfumes. You may love it . But it can be offensive to others and clients may be worried about dry cleaning their designs. Keep your nail color nude or natural. For agency interviews, we even encourage no fake nails. But runway auditions aren't usually as intense as that! 

WALK:  Learn the basics. Don’t go crazy. Each designer is going to want a little different personality. There’s no way to nail every one. The right designer for you will find you. Be confident. Walk a straight line. Don’t stomp. It’s dated. Walk slower than your brain is telling you. Never look down. Bore a hole in the wall at the end of the runway with your eyes. Be sure your strongest at your main stalls: your entrance, end of runway, and exit pose is just as important as any.  Make them remember you! 

 Put some painters tape down in your hallway. Wear your heels to do dishes. Do your cat walk at the grocery store. Then just get out there and DO IT! We have runway shows every month or so at the Ozark Talent Bank. Join us! As with everything at the OTB, they are beginner-friendly! You guys let us know how we can help. Meanwhile, HAPPY MODELING! 

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