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Set Etiquette

Misc Notes made from actual situations and client complaints.

1-It’s a job. Treat it as such. No guests. Be professional.

2 - Do not conduct other business. Do not hand out your headshots or business cards, ESPECIALLY

if your company is a competitor of the company who hired you.

3- Know the hierarchy the set . communicate with you direct supervisor or contact person.

4- Phones on mute and not vibrate.

5- Do not plug your phone/device into an outlet being used by production.

6 - No pix of production without permission. Ask .

7- Bring a water bottle, non-melting snacks, quiet entertainment. Even sound thru headphones may be picked up thru sensitive sound equipment.

8= Ten minutes early is ten minutes late. Pulling in at call time does not mean you made it on time. You need to be checked in and set ready ten minutes early. Arrive in time to find parking and where you need to be on set. Allow for traffic, etc.

9 - If we have booked you, send a fb msg or text (479-250-2368) to check in... IMPORTANT!

10- NEVER complain/grumble on set.. ever. If there is a problem that is so awful you cannot deal with contact Kim or Ashleigh asap. If a situation threatens to compromises your health or morals get to safety and contact Kim or Ashleigh 911.

11- If a the agency does not get paid, you do not get paid. If the agency suffers a loss, you suffer the loss. This is part of your booking contract.

12- Parents are NOT allowed on set. You should be in the holding area only.

13- Arrive clean and well groomed. Good Hygiene. Brows groomed. Hair clean and dry. NO nail polish or perfume. Use deodorant. Bring extra! No wrinkled clothes. Invest in HD Powder and wrinkle release spray. Solid colors. Baby wipes for sweaty sets.

13- Be professional to everyone at times. You never know who is listening or who’s who. Remember you are representing the agency as well.

14- Keep your opinions to yourself. Let the director direct. Each person has their own job. Do yours. Stay in your “station”. Even if it is KILLING you to not speak up. If there is a safety hazard speak only to your direct supervisor.

15- Whispering on set is not the same as “quiet on set”

16- When you arrive on set be sure you look like your headshot aka the person they hired.

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